Newmark Grubb ACRES is pleased to announce that Sorenson Media will be expanding its headquarters in Lehi, taking a third floor for another 30,648 SF.

Their new building, located at 2000 W Ashton Boulevard in Thanksgiving Station, is still under construction, but Sorenson has committed to lease a total of 91,977 SF.

Newmark office specialists Chris Falk and Braxton Willie represented Sorenson in this transaction.

“Sorenson Media is making huge waves nationally and internationally with their addressable advertising and measurement solutions for linear television,” said Chris. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The fact that they have chosen not only to stay in Utah but to commit to significant future and now additional growth here speaks volume for the state and reflects a compelling commitment and confident belief from the principals of the company. If their unparalleled technology wasn’t already enough, this new HQ presence will serve as an innovative platform to win new talent and grow their remarkable culture.”

Sorenson Media is driving the future of broadcast television. Their Spark platform for next generation television fuses digital media capabilities, such as addressability, interactivity and measurement, with the scale and impact of broadcast TV. The Spark platform provides ground-breaking functionality in the areas of analytics, OTT video, advertising and content and provides both broadcasters and advertisers with a complete tool-kit to go beyond the limits of traditional broadcast TV.