EdgeFive Group® announced a partnership with Kimball Investment Company to develop multiple event venues in the Salt Lake City area.

These venues will host a myriad of events—ranging from concerts, comedy acts and corporate events. Local and national talent acts will be highlighted in an intimate setting with state-of-the-art lighting and audio-visual equipment and in-house food and beverage service. Each venue is still under development, but projected capacities will range from 1,000-1,500 people. 

Kimball Investments has extensive experience in the renovation of historic properties. The Peery Hotel was restored in 1985 from a dilapidated property to a prestigious boutique hotel which has received accolades from the Salt Lake City Arts Council and was voted "Most Miraculous Conversion" by the Utah Holiday Magazine. Kimball Investments also owned and operated the historic Judge Building, which remains a Class A historic building in downtown Salt Lake City.

"Salt Lake City has seen a sharp increase in population and economic growth over the last 10 years," said David Kimball, Owner of Kimball Investment Company, LLC. "With this growth, there is an increasing demand for mid-size indoor venues that can be utilized year-round. The Salt Lake City area has large arenas as well as smaller, club-like venues but is truly lacking something in the middle. Over the last 40 years, we have been dedicated to ensuring that Salt Lake City continues to thrive by creating local jobs. We look forward to supporting the Salt Lake community with this next phase of development projects."

EdgeFive Group will be the exclusive production partner for each of the Kimball Investment Company event venues. This includes procuring all talent acts, marketing and advertising for the venue and talent and all aspects of event production for each show.

"As a long-time Salt Lake City resident, I have respected Kimball Investment Company's mission and work for years and am honored to partner with a true visionary in the commercial real estate development industry," said Jesse Carrillo, Partner at EdgeFive Group. "By combining EdgeFive Group's expertise in large-scale live event production with Kimball Investment Company's extensive experience and innovation—we are perfectly poised to help bridge the gap that currently exists in the event venue industry in Salt Lake."

Over the next 18 months, EdgeFive Group will release venue locations, names and preliminary opening dates.