Boostability announces a new partnership with Yext.

Digital knowledge management helps businesses get found online by disseminating and managing accurate business information across a multitude of online platforms.  Boostability is proud to use Yext's software to enhance its current local SEO service.

"We're excited," said Boostability CEO Gavan Thorpe. "It will allow us to do more listings and allow us to lock down the listings for our customers, which is a great enhancement to our product. It will allow us to do some verification reporting. It is a more feature-rich, robust product, which helps with our local clients. We're also excited to work with a top company like Yext that has developed amazing software for managing digital knowledge."

Boostability Vice President of Sales & Partners Matt Tennison said that when he attended Yext's LocationWorld conference in November 2016, "It became very obvious that this was a company that we wanted to work with." The partnership agreement was completed in March 2017.

"Working with Yext on constructing a partnership was a fantastic process," Tennison said. "They are professional, fast, and get right down to business. They make it easy to want to do business with them. They have the same kind of values and focus on customer service that Boostability does."

Tennison added that in addition to helping Boostability fulfill local business listings, the partnership may provide other opportunities.

"From a business growth perspective, we're super excited about the Yext partnership, as working with Yext enhances our offering for our partners and customers," Tennison said.

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