InfoTrax is pleased to announce a new corporate partnership with the leading cloud video conferencing provider, Zoom.

Zoom web conferencing is now integrated into the InfoTrax distributor back office application and mobile app, Evo Engage, allowing network marketing and direct sales distributors to communicate online as if they were in the same room.

Providing a personal touch—both in serving their own customers and in guiding their downline team members—is key to the success of every direct sales distributor. Direct sellers are responsible for informing and encouraging their contacts, while also searching for new customers and team members. Many spend their own resources on web conferencing tools to make all this communication as collaborative and personal as possible.

With the Zoom conferencing tools now bundled with Evo Engage for no additional cost, it's easy and affordable for distributors to keep in touch with their contacts. Zoom WebMeetings and Webinars give them a way to encourage, demonstrate, and educate their teams:

  • WebMeetings are live group or one-on-one meetings—like the kind in a conference or living room—conducted from a distributor's computer or device. All participants can freely converse and can share information from their screens.
  • Webinars are live online seminars for larger numbers of people, also led from a distributor's computer or device. The designated presenter(s) can speak to the audience and share on-screen information such as slide presentations and video. Meanwhile, the audience can use their keyboards to comment and respond to questions and polls in real time.

Distributors welcome the convenience of conducting these activities directly from Evo Engage in a live setting.

"The Zoom integration adds significant value to Evo Engage and provides additional benefits and features that aren't available from Zoom alone," says Scott Smith, President of InfoTrax. "We already see distributors using Evo Engage with Zoom and experiencing growth in their businesses, and that is exciting!"