Skydrop is proud to introduce their newest product, Skydrop Arc. 

Arc is a slimmed down model from the flagship Skydrop Halo controller built specifically for partner integrations. Arc utilizes Wifi Direct connection, a new technology, which allows the controller to create its own network, providing the ability to configure and operate the controller via the Skydrop app when no Internet connection is available.  Arc is also equipped with an upgraded wifi chip and more sophisticated zone diagnostic capabilities providing the customer a better user experience. Arc uses the same powerful Skydrop algorithm available in Halo while catering to the home integration and installation professional.  

"We are excited to introduce the new Arc controller. We took feedback from our distributors and partners to create a product that is more suited to home builders, automation, and integration companies. Our flagship product Halo, with a screen and user interface on the controller, is still the top of the line smart controller. Arc uses the same technology to the end user but with a few different technologies and better price point for some of our partner channels. We now have a product line that can be catered to the specific companies liking. We will continue to innovate and introduce products that reduce water usage and simplify lives."

Arc highlights:

  • Reduces water usage by up to 50%
  • 12 zones
  • Built to cater to home integration and installation professionals
  • Arc will primarily be available through Skydrop approved distribution partnerships.