announces the launch of the Marketplace, onboards over 300 new sellers since January and quadruples the number of online listings.

"This is a huge change to the business model, which primarily focused on one deal a day. Now, in addition to the daily deal, customers can search for and discover thousands of quality products at a discount," says CEO, Rett Clevenger.

"We give every seller that passes our criteria a free onboarding training session making it possible for them to have their products listed for sale in less than 24 hours," says Jana Francis, President, and Founder. "We realized early on that is a huge differentiator from other marketplaces that can sometimes take months to get listed on." A recent seller, Liz Carlston of Teething Toes, said, "It's a true joy working with I'm already seeing sales come in!  Their seamless set-up process was easily completed in less than 24 hours - putting's 3+ month process to shame." prides itself in helping companies that don't normally drop ship be able to become a marketplace seller. "We have a full integration with which allows sellers the ability to print postage with one click." They're also integrated with Channel Advisor who automates uploading products, adding offers and processing orders.

"Many of the sellers we've worked with so far are thrilled to increase their order volume through's Marketplace, and find that because of the niche focus and emphasis on discovery, they can sell more through than other online channels," says Francis.

Whether you have a product you're looking to sell or a shopper looking to find great deals, is the marketplace for you.

Francis and Clevenger have bootstrapped the last 9 years. They're currently seeking angel investment or strategic partnership to amplify growth.