HireVue celebrated its five millionth video interview across its portfolio of more than 600 companies worldwide.

Leading global employers such as Goldman Sachs, Vodafone, Unilever and Hilton Worldwide, have accelerated and improved their hiring process, making their hiring teams more productive, and dramatically enhancing the candidate experience. This milestone also marks the creation of the largest and most diverse data set of candidate video interviews globally. 

"On demand video interviewing empowers companies to hire the best talent faster, while giving candidates the more modern, fair and convenient experience they've come to expect from leading employers. Our customers have achieved significant improvements in quality, speed and cost of hire, while candidates give their video experience wildly positive reviews," commented Kevin Parker, HireVue's CEO and chairman. "Our five millionth interview eclipsed our four million record in less than 180 days, demonstrating how our video interviewing solutions are accelerating dramatically as industry-leading companies embrace video to better discover and assess top talent."

With HireVue, companies deliver on-demand interviews that can be completed by candidates from anywhere, at any time and on any device, expanding their ability to reach top talent by significantly improving both accessibility and convenience for potential candidates. HireVue's video technology also delivers an important level of consistency and fairness, ensuring all candidates receive the same high-quality experience through a structured process.  With interviews occurring every few seconds somewhere in the world, customers are leveraging our scalable solution to drive critical talent metrics, including:

  • Hiring Speed -- Dr. Pepper now fills many open positions just 24 hours after jobs are posted.
  • Hiring Quality -- Unilever is able to extend a job offer to more than 90 percent of candidates screened via HireVue.
  • Hiring Diversity -- Goldman Sachs tapped into more than 900 schools to recruit for its 2017 intern class, reaching a more diverse talent pool as a result, according to its website.

HireVue created the category in video interviewing over 12 years ago, and is leading the industry as the technology becomes more widespread. HireVue's database of five million interviews represents the largest data set of video interviews ever assembled, with interviews conducted in 30 languages and over 180 countries.  HireVue continues to innovate, and has created the first-ever, validated, video-based assessment driven by artificial intelligence, called HireVue Assessments. With HireVue's patented technology, companies more quickly pinpoint top talent, highlighting candidates that may otherwise be overlooked in an inherently biased traditional interviewing process. HireVue is the only proven and patented technology available that combines the rich input of video interviews with the predictive power of AI to hire more effectively -- and to do it at scale.

For more information, visit www.hirevue.com.