An independent survey of U.S. IT decision makers conducted by StorageCraft reveals that many organizations lack confidence in their current data recovery implementation.

The survey also uncovered an alarming number of businesses unable to increase the frequency of data backup due to the scale of data growth and limitations in their backup infrastructure.

The survey of more than 500 ITDMs found that many businesses are potentially ill-prepared for the growing number of malicious and accidental events as well as natural disasters that lead to data access failure and business outages. The data also revealed that nearly half of ITDMs are struggling with the volume of data growth, and that they are not confident in their data recovery capabilities in the event of failure. 

The StorageCraft survey also highlights the challenges and vulnerabilities that organizations face as their data become increasingly distributed across corporate data centers, private clouds and public cloud services.

Survey highlights include:

  • More than half of all ITDMs (51 percent) are not confident that their organizations' IT infrastructures can perform instant data recovery in the event of a failure.
  • Nearly half of all organizations (43 percent) are struggling with data growth and believe it is going to get worse. 

Larger organizations are struggling the most:

  • Of surveyed ITDMs with revenue over $500 million, 51% reported that they are struggling with data growth and believe it will only get worse.
  • Moreover, 51% know they would benefit from more frequent data backup but are unable to do so because their existing IT infrastructure doesn't allow it.

"Organizations are clearly struggling with massive data growth and their ability to ensure business continuity when faced with outages," said Douglas Brockett, president of StorageCraft. "The answer lies in next-generation solutions with integrated and infinitely scalable data management and protection. Combined with a reliable IT-infrastructure, these solutions allow businesses to protect and restore data instantly, and at a much lower cost of ownership. Businesses can recover in a matter of seconds when disaster strikes."

As businesses focus on 2018 planning, StorageCraft believes there is no better time to assess their data and IT infrastructure back-up and recovery systems. At the end of the day, data protection and disaster preparedness are the key to recovery; and this will make the difference between growth and success or failure.

Survey Methodology: The survey was part of an omnibus conducted online reaching N=510 adults classified as IT Decision Makers.