Hydro-Rain launched the B-hyve Pro Dashboard, an online tool that gives contractors control of their B-hyve Pro smart timers in one, easy-to-use location.

The B-hyve Pro Dashboard enhances the ability of irrigation professionals to manage the outdoor watering process and simplify irrigation system management.  

Through the dashboard, contractors can easily manage and view the status of all B-hyve Pro Smart Wi-Fi Sprinklers under their watch. B-hyve products provide programmable water schedules, Wi-Fi connectivity and Smart WeatherSense technology that adjusts watering needs based on local site conditions and local weather data. B-hyve controllers are EPA WaterSense and SWAT certified and are rebate eligible in many markets throughout the U.S.

"The B-hyve Pro Dashboard takes smart-timer technology to the next level," said Kim Hayes, vice president of Hydro-Rain. "Whether it's a contractor managing dozens of timers or a property manager with thousands of irrigation controllers under their care, the dashboard arranges everything into a unified view that makes outdoor water use simple and easy to manage. We're excited for our customers to benefit from a better smart-watering experience."

Key B-hyve Pro Dashboard features include:

  • Scalable management – Users can manage any quantity of timers, whether they have tens, hundreds or thousands of units under their stewardship. Users can also easily check timer status and see how many timers are online or offline, running a grow-in program, in rain delay and more. 
  • CRM tools – Users can store contract details for each end user (e.g., length of contract, payment, visit frequency) and automatically build visit schedules based on this information. They can keep visit logs for when the contractor visited and what they did while they were there. Users can also email customers directly from the dashboard based various criteria (e.g., odd house numbers, zip code).
  • Multi-user support – Users can set different permission levels to give contractors and property managers access to specific timers. These contractors and property managers can then group and label the timers based on their preferences (e.g., winterized, spring start up).
  • One-click control – Users can control all of their timers with the click of a button, making it easy to turn them off for the winter or on in the spring.
  • Day planning – Users can map their day by selecting a customized group of timers (e.g., all timers, timers sorted by odd house numbers or zip code) and then dragging and dropping these timers into a visit list. Users can then send directions to their phone to navigate their route.

To set up your account and begin managing your timers with the B-hyve Pro Dashboard, visit pro.mybhyve.com, or check with your local Hydro-Rain account manager for more details.