Jive Communications Inc. announced their newest integration with Zoho CRM.

The integration makes Jive’s industry-leading telecommunications features available from within Zoho’s powerful CRM, enabling businesses to better communicate with customers.

With Jive’s Zoho CRM integration, agents can not only see who is calling before they answer—allowing for better call preparation—but with auto logging they can track every call, click to call, take notes, and schedule appointments directly from the pop-up within the CRM. This enables agents to save time, personalize customers’ experiences, and ensure accurate reporting with automatic call logging.

In addition, Jive announced an exclusive introductory offer to Zoho users in Brazil. Jive’s presence in Brazil continues to grow with many new customers and employees, and the company is celebrating by offering a free month of Jive service for current and new Zoho users.

“Zoho CRM is a phenomenal tool for businesses, and like Jive, Zoho is dedicated to helping users save time and effort in their business processes. We’re thrilled to partner with them to offer this integration for our customers and Zoho CRM users,” said Mike Sharp, CPO at Jive Communications. “Helping our clients remain competitive and use their Unified Communications services and data to grow and improve their relationships and operations is our end-goal, and this integration perfectly helps those efforts.”

“Businesses today demand increased efficiency and customer engagement,” said Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho. “Our tools provide powerful insights and crucial information to business users, but when integrated with Jive, our CRM application’s abilities are magnified. With Jive and their award-winning channel program, we can provide a smoother experience and workflow to more businesses, as well as a broader view of their customer interactions.”