Boostability has received two Internet marketing service awards: a 2018 "Top Digital Agencies" award from B2B review firm, Clutch and a "Top 10 SEO Solutions Provider - 2018" award from Marketing Tech Outlook magazine. 

Clutch's "2018 Top Digital Agencies" award is given to companies by location and business type. In receiving the award, Boostability was recognized as a "Top Digital Marketing Company" in the Salt Lake City area. According to Clutch, Boostability and other recipients were "selected based on Clutch's research methodology, which uses quantitative and qualitative criteria to evaluate [a] company's technical certifications, experience, and market presence. Clutch analysts also interview firm[s'] past clients to learn how they approach challenges, develop strategies, and execute customized campaigns and projects."

"Whether they're working for solely local clients or a larger spread of companies across the country, all of these companies are staples in their hometown digital landscape," said Katie Wonders, business analyst at Clutch. "Through their dedication to their work and cultivation of personal and professional relationships, these agencies have proven their leadership."

Marketing Tech Outlook's "Top Digital Marketing Company" award was based on an analysis of "scores of SEO solutions providers in the market," according to the magazine's website. Providers were "evaluated by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, [to identify] names [that] are disrupting the industry and heralding a new era for SEO."

"We're honored to receive these awards and to be included among such an elite group of digital marketing agencies," said Kelly Shelton, vice president of Marketing at Boostability. "It's exciting to see the industry recognize the groundbreaking work our team is doing to help small-to-medium-sized business elevate their online presence and grow."

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