TazWorks announced Background Connect API. This forward-thinking solution is an advanced development tool that allows integrators to seamlessly share background reports.

The current version of this tool is intended for clients and partners with in-house development capabilities. In the coming months, additional releases will make Background Connect generally available with no need for in-house development.

Background Connect API adds identity verification to the integrator's existing platform. This feature can be embedded into an existing platform with minimal development time and resources, enabling the end user to interact with and confidently share their reports. This dynamic solution equips the integrator with a simplified process while providing a robust solution for their background needs.

"Background Connect API is a complete game-changer for the background screening industry. Being able to verify a consumer's identity and provide secure viewing and sharing of a report is a major leap into the future of screening technology," said Jordan Blasdell, the Director of Strategic Alliances. "This powerful tool not only saves integrators time and money, but also allows for independent growth so they can focus on other areas of their business."

In addition to this advancement, TazWorks is committed to continue adding innovative features and enhancements to its already robust platform. To learn more about this new feature, visit www.tazworks.com