As Utah and the nation continue the 150th-anniversary commemoration of the “Golden Spike” — the ceremonial completion of the Transcontinental Railroad — a Lehi, Utah technology firm, Seek, has found a way for the public to experience history in a way never before possible.

Iconic symbols of the important historic event — the Golden Spike, the Jupiter Train, the Big Boy Train, the Chinese railroad workers’ hats, President Abraham Lincoln, and more — have been digitally re-created in AR — augmented reality. Using this emerging technology, Seek has transformed pictures of precious artifacts such as these into virtual objects that can be viewed in the audience’s space through augmented reality.

“Seeing the Golden Spike, or even a steam-engine locomotive right in front of you, as if you’re holding it or walking around it, brings you as close to the experience as you can get,” says Seek CEO Jon Cheney.

Organizers of the “Spike 150” year-long series of events wanted a way to educate, inspire and leave a legacy of the rail line that united a nation and blazed a path to the Pacific. Cheney and Seek accepted the challenge. Now, visitors to can have an experience like walking through a museum and seeing the artifacts up-close and in-person. Posters were distributed to every elementary, middle and high school in Utah with links to allow students to explore and experience history like never before.

“Augmented Reality is the future of learning, shopping, and communicating,” Cheney says.

Seek is helping numerous organizations, in the public and private sectors, deliver 3D animated experiences to the world. Some of these companies are, Nestle, Lionsgate, Ballard Designs, and more.

“Seek’s application of AR is changing the way people interact with the world. While this technology is still very young, it is already having measurable impact on brands and consumers who come across Seek-enabled content,” Cheney says.

The technology is also changing the way people learn, experience, and are inspired by history – Utah’s history in this case. To learn more about Seek’s AR technology, visit