Gabb Wireless announced their nationwide availability at Created to protect children from too much technology too soon, Gabb phones feature a sleek and mature-looking design, offering unlimited talk and text capability, but without access to the Internet or to external apps. Gabb phones operate exclusively on a proprietary network, which runs on the backbone of America's leading 4G LTE provider.

"We are thrilled to deliver the first-ever phones and service that give kids mature-looking devices with all the talk and text they want, while also giving parents the peace of mind that their child will not be exposed to harmful or unwanted content," said Gabb Founder and CEO Stephen Dalby. "The Gabb Phone is great looking and affordable, and it helps parents manage their children's exposure to technology in a way that is safe and meets each family's unique needs."

"At ZTE, we support Gabb Wireless's mission to help families stay connected in a simple, safe way by providing a mobile experience that protects children from outside influence. We understand the impact of getting your first phone and are excited to offer families a high-quality device that also minimizes the risks associated with internet browsing and social media apps," said Brad Li, CEO of ZTE USA. "We're thrilled to partner with Gabb Wireless through the new Gabb Z1 to offer a reliable, affordable device designed specifically for the younger generation."

A new report from the Pew Research Center establishes that over half of U.S. teens are concerned about spending too much time on their cell phones, while more than two-thirds of parents feel their children spend too much time on their devices. Even more concerning, new research shows that increases in depressive symptoms, suicide-related outcomes and suicide rates among U.S. adolescents after 2010—when smartphone popularity exploded—is directly linked to new media screen time.*

"The evidence is clear, children who are consistently exposed to screens and excessive social media are suffering. Whether it's FOMO, anxiety or exposure to predators, we owe it to our children to create safe ways for them to adopt mobile technology and content in ways that are better suited to their age and maturity levels," said national social media activist Collin Kartchner, founder of Save the Kids. "It's hard to believe that we haven't yet seen a solution like Gabb Wireless that manages the full ecosystem of device, network, operating system and apps. It's about time!"