V.I.E.W. (Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, Inc.) announced the formal launch of their flagship product FluentWorlds for Japan. 

FluentWorlds, www.FluentWorlds.com, the world's highest rated English language learning App on the Apple iTunes store at 4.9, has made its 3D App available for Desktop users via the online platform of SOURCENEXT CORPORATION, Japan's premier online retailer. Today marks the start of the distribution of FluentWorlds for the Japanese market. https://www.sourcenext.com/product/pc/edu/pc_edu_002725/

The FluentWorlds platform teaches English language speaking skills by engaging learners in immersive experiences delivered in over 50 engaging and realistic 3D gaming environments like an airport, a hotel and even Virtual Las Vegas. FluentWorlds' "Virtual Immersion Method" has been found to accelerate one's ability to speak fluent English through its simulation of real-life experiences. Here is one user's amazing journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86MYSLYY95A&feature=youtu.be

Additionally, FluentWorlds allows the user to dramatically improve their speaking skills by talking into their computer to receive real-time feedback on their pronunciation from a kind and automated tutor appearing as a friendly character in the Game.

The product features a powerful accent reduction capability called "Perfect Pronunciation" built by Jeff Adams in collaboration with the V.I.E.W. team. Mr. Adams is one of the "Fathers of Speech Recognition" that is used in Siri and was the head developer of the Amazon Alexa.

Notes David Bradford, the company's CEO: "With our launch on the Sourcenext platform, FluentWorlds will be digitally disrupting the world of language training in Japan for years to come. Japan has a huge English language marketplace and is a natural choice for the World's first fully immersive language learning system."

Dr. Linda Bradford, PhD in Instructional Technology and the Chief Visionary behind FluentWorlds, added: "We are honored to have been selected by Sourcenext for the distribution of FluentWorlds in Japan. We believe our effective Video gaming, 3D technology, together with the A/I built into our speech recognition engine, will generate a groundswell of momentum around learning with these technologies."