Neumont College of Computer Science partnered with local NBA team, the Utah Jazz, during their 2018 season to develop a game application, as well as an online application for the Jazz's website. This partnership was established through Neumont's Enterprise Project program in which students collaborate with local and national companies to conquer technical projects.

Splash Uncles was conceptualized, created, and executed solely by Neumont College seniors, Brendan Cleveland, Dakota Jones, Robyn Nomland, and Scott Phillips, with additional assistance from Trent Castro and Michael Vanderlip. The game was built with Unity using C# as the programming language, along with Photoshop and Maya to create the visual art.

This Enterprise Project is now a featured game on the NBA team's website and accessible for any fan to download from the app store. Splash Uncles is an interactive game in which the users select their star Jazz player to score baskets, while simultaneously avoiding obstacles and making trick shots. To play Splash Uncles, visit

This project was led by Neumont's Software and Game Development Degree Chair, Raymond Maple. He attributed the success of this project to the self-motivated and professional attitudes of the students and their collective balance of creative and technical skills. Maple elaborated by saying, "I was so impressed with the way our Neumont students were able to take charge of this project and lead it to a successful launch. Their determination to go above and beyond was a testament of the students work ethic and passion for development. Our client was impressed and pleased with the final product and with the quality of work that our students provided."

When asked about working with Neumont College, the Utah Jazz shared positive words about the process, results, and the college as a whole. "Working with the students from Neumont College of Computer Science on the Splash Uncles game for the Utah Jazz was a delight. From concept to final deployment, the students were dedicated to creating something that was not only fun to play, but also connected with Jazz fans in a unique way. The scope of the project was ambitious, and we ran into some technical hurdles along the way—but in the end the students exceeded expectations and delivered an amazing game in a rapid development environment. Working with Neumont College of Computer Science was a great experience."