TazWorks announced enhancements to its industry-leading background screening software designed to improve productivity for CRAs. 

The TazWorkLoad Manager™ gives CRA management the ability to auto-assign searches, load-balance their workloads, and improve productivity through an innovative Employee Leaderboard.

"As a former CRA Executive, I know how important it is to be able to manage and distribute workloads to employees efficiently. TazWorkload Manager automates the task of assigning work to processors and gives supervisors the flexibility to assign work based on the criteria that is important to them," said Mari Cazares, TazWorks Product Manager.  "TazWorkload Manager does all of the heavy lifting and is a work management lifesaver for CRAs."

TazWorkload Manager™ allows supervisors to make assignments in a round-robin style, which assigns according to service level agreements, by search types and jurisdictions, and order date if all SLAs are the same. The heart of TazWorkload Manager™ is the Employee Leaderboard where processors can manage their work assignments and turnaround times, and they can see the number of searches completed, and what assignments need immediate attention.  The Employee Leaderboard gives supervisors a way to gamify employee productivity by creating a forum that encourages friendly competition between processors.

TazWorkload Manager™ can now be found in TazWorks Software™.