As a father of four, I am passionate about increasing innovation and funding for Utah’s education system. We need to get the politics out of the classroom—keep the school boards nonpartisan. We must step up to increase teacher pay to avoid the looming teacher shortage crisis. I would fight for less state required testing and more classroom time actually teaching. I support higher ed and enhanced pathways from classrooms to skilled jobs. I also encourage less unfunded mandates from the Legislature, more local control and parental involvement.


I have built my career championing economic development and job creation. Encouraging private sector investment was the hallmark of my service as mayor, and the results can be seen from Valley Fair Mall to 5600 West. I will work closely with business and labor leaders to continue to grow Utah’s economy and to provide opportunities for the working men and women of our area.


I have a track record of standing up for West Valley City and making sure our voice is heard. I will make sure that the needs of us here in Utah’s second largest city are not forgotten on Utah’s Capitol Hill. I will work closely with other civic leaders from our area from both parties to fight for the West Side!


I will support measures to improve our air quality, reduce pollution, and to protect our natural treasures here in Utah. As a city councilman, I was a champion for bringing recycling to West Valley City. Can you imagine life without your blue can? We have a beautiful state. Let’s take good care of it!


It is far easier for a citizen to enact change at the city, county, and school district levels then it is to influence the entire state legislature or Federal Congress.  As a former mayor, I know that the government that governs closest to the people governs best, and I will work for more local control and less statewide edicts.


We need to look for ways to reduce regulation and laws that encroach on personal freedoms. I support the Second Amendment and will fight to protect our right to bear arms. I would look for ways to reduce the role of government in our lives. I will fight for reasonable taxes that make sense. When the people fear government, that is tyranny; when the government fears the people, that is liberty!