SALT LAKE CITY, UT, March 27, 2012 – Foretelligent, the Salt Lake City predictive analytics and marketing intelligence firm that identifies, measures and connects companies with those customers statistically most likely to buy from them, today announced new partnerships with several new marketing data source providers, including the KBM Group, Infogroup, and Acxiom. These new partnerships enhance Foretelligent’s capabilities in predicting the best customers and expected returns on sales and marketing investments. The partnerships also contribute additional insight into the specific interests, purchases, and characteristics of consumers and businesses.

“With these additional resources, Foretelligent clients can gain precise insights on how their target customers behave, think and purchase,” said Chelsea Robarge, Principal Manager at Foretelligent. “We now can predict future behavior with greater accuracy with details such as which social media sites specific people frequent and the frequency at which they shop through different online and offline channels. These partnerships help Foretelligent answer the biggest marketing questions clients have.”

Each provider was selected based on industry reputation, data quality, and usability in predictive analytics that measure returns on sales and marketing investments. The KBM Group, a global leader in knowledge-based marketing solutions that is part of the advertising and business services conglomerate WPP, provides deep, specific data on health care, high-tech, telecommunications, and other industries of importance for Foretelligent clients. Infogroup, the Omaha, NE firm that helps companies increase sales and customer loyalty through data sources on more than 220 million individuals and 21 million businesses, provides additional breadth for Foretelligent clients seeking to predict which customer segments provide the greatest returns. Acxiom, based in Little Rock, AR, is a recognized leader in technology and services that enable companies to manage audiences, personalize consumer experiences, and create profitable relationships. Acxiom data solutions contribute additional depth on product and channel preferences that enable Foretelligent clients to predictively measure how to engage their target market.

“These intelligence sources arm marketers and business leaders with the intelligence they need to best position, present and market their products to an increasingly global audience,” said Michael Fife, Foretelligent’s Managing Member. “The richer the intelligence that clients can acquire and understand about existing and prospective clients, the more disruptive and breakthrough the insights can be. Now clients can feel even more assured about hitting and exceeding their growth projections.”

“We’re thrilled to empower clients with more confidence in investing for growth,” said Robarge. “With these new partners as part of the Foretelligent Marketing Intelligence Syndicate, clients can gain assurance on how to lay their best plans and assure themselves of revenue growth in 2012.”

About Foretelligent: Foretelligent LLC is a predictive analytics and marketing intelligence firm that identifies, measures and connects companies with those customers statistically most likely to buy from them. For nearly two decades, Foretelligent and its Principals have worked with Fortune 1000 companies from coast to coast to research, financially value, and deliver the marketing intelligence on individual consumers and businesses that marketing, sales and distribution departments need to ensure their own success. For additional details, please visit, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-888-842-6151.

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