LINDON, Utah - Effective immediately, cofounder David Meine has accepted the leadership role of CEO at IdealShape (, a weight loss supplementation company headquartered in Lindon, Utah.

In 2013, IdealShape grew by 27%, hired five new employees and hit a milestone of 100,000 customers. The company is expected to grow by 30% this year.

IdealShape is unique as an Internet-based company because of its investment in the success of its tens of thousands of customers across the United States. The customer experience includes personal customer service, as well as daily weight loss support and engagement via a robust online Facebook community. Customers track their weight loss success by sending in before and after photos.

The company also holds a national "IdealShape Challenge" contest and flies 15 winners to Park City, Utah, each fall to celebrate and share their success stories.

David Meine cofounded IdealShape with his wife, Carla, in 2003. Initially motivated to help his father overcome health issues related to his weight, David and Carla launched a weight loss program that includes motivational CDs and healthy meal replacement shakes and bars.
Meine has worked one-on-one with many of IdealShape's customers over the years, successfully helping thousands to become healthy and achieve their weight loss goals. By taking the reins as CEO, Meine hopes to scale the company's efforts.

"I want to help millions of people create their ideal body shape, ideal health, ideal mindset, and ideal relationships," he explained. "I want to take average people and help them achieve their ideal."

With 35 years of successful business-building experience, Meine leads IdealShape's 18-employee team in achieving their ideal vision. His customer focus, professional network and dynamic personality inspire the team to meet company goals.

"David is a focused, committed individual who sets goals and works very diligently to research and investigate a problem before making a decision," said John Richards, Google's Head of Operations in Provo, Utah.

"David was a huge part of the reason [our business] O'Currance was so successful," said Blake Rigby, former CFO at O'Currance. "He was so dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking in everything he did. He is all about doing good things and trying to take care of the customer."

With a customer focus and a passion for helping people achieve their weight loss goals, David Meine has a big vision for his Utah company. In addition to supplementation products, Meine has developed a unique motivational methodology to help people change their thinking, thereby making weight loss permanent. His two published books, Diet Chaos: Lose Weight-Not Your Mind (2013) and Think: Use Your Mind to Shrink Your Waistline (2013), inspire people to gain control of their weight loss goals, achieve their ideal shape and enjoy a lasting lifestyle change.

About IdealShape

IdealShape ( is a Utah-based weight loss company that emphasizes the importance of the mind when it comes to weight loss. In addition to its line of weight loss support supplementation, including meal replacement shakes and bars, the company creates books, motivational weight loss CDs, webinars and exercise programs for effective weight loss. IdealShape was founded in 2003.


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