Tim Huffaker 2017

One of the saddest epitaphs in life is to never have achieved your true potential. 

The singular reason is most people have never reached deep enough within themselves to know what they are truly capable of achieving.  This is particularly true with salespeople.  My observations during a forty-four-year career, suggests salespeople are like water, they take the path of least resistance and by so doing have never discovered their inherent capacity for greatness.  I don't believe I have come close to achieving my best or even comprehending the limits of my abilities, but I'm putting myself to the test every day.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to check off another item on my bucket list.  Parenthetically, bucket list items are always easier the younger you are.  Forty-nine years ago, when I was going to college in Hawaii, I felt sorry for the older couples I would see walking along the beaches, experiencing Hawaii for the first time, unable to do the things my wife and I were enjoying in our youth.  As I was saying, a few years ago I checked Havasupai off my bucket list.  It is undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places on earth, hidden deep in the bowels of the Grand Canyon.  I knew the eleven-mile hike would be challenging, but I didn't take into account the weight of my pack and the fact I would begin the descent at midnight, having traveled for twelve hours without sleep.

I can truly say the hike into Havasupai really kicked my butt; however, I discovered my limits and what I was physically capable of doing.  Next time I will be able to do it with less pain because of what I learned.  Many times along the way I had to reach deep inside to find the physical strength to continue and to reach my destination.  I experienced doubt and fear, similar feelings facing every salesperson at one time or another.  I was exhausted beyond any physical activity I have ever experienced, including "two-a-day" football practices in high school.  I truly pushed myself beyond my known limits and because of it, I experienced two things more magnificent than I ever could have possibly imagined.  First of all, I discovered an inner strength exceeding anything I have done before.  Second, I experienced the beauty of a hidden paradise fewer than twenty-thousand people a year will ever witness.  

This experience presents a perfect analogy for salespeople.  If you don't reach further and stretch deeper in your sales efforts than ever before, you will never enjoy the  rewards and lifestyle enjoyed by all the top sales performers.

It is impossible to enjoy the reward if you don't pay the price with the required effort.  There are those who might find temporary success, but it will quickly pass and what could have been lifelong success, will fade into failure, disappointment and sorrow.  Sorrow for what could have been if only the price had been paid in the beginning.  Here are a few ideas you might apply in discovering your inner sales strength.

  1. Arise early every morning firmly committed to accomplishing all that is humanly possible for the day.
  2. Deliberately look for opportunities that will challenge you.  Find bigger "fish" than you typically land.
  3. Find at least one new challenging opportunity every day.  Imagine, three hundred and sixty-five challenges every year.  It won't be long and you'll become addicted to a daily challenge.
  4. Learn something new each day that will make you better, smarter, more productive, and wealthy.
  5. Never begin your day without planning and scheduling how you will spend your time.  A minute wasted can never be regained and its value in a future day will be priceless.

Don't suffer the sadness of what could have been; discover your true capability.  Reach further and deeper than you ever thought possible and enjoy the experiences, happiness and financial well-being that only top salespeople enjoy.