Your company doesn’t need a massive marketing budget or a large presence to get its name out into the media. Following are a few suggestions to generate some positive public relations for your business through non-paid media coverage:
Tap into relevant community-oriented programs – Many small businesses work together to get non-paid media coverage in local programs such as “Buy Local” or, in our state, “Utah’s Own.”

Practice corporate social responsibility – There is no better way to get media coverage than by showing your social commitment and responsibility as a company. The more involved you and your employees are, the more positive coverage you’ll get. Many business owners choose non-profit boards they want to belong to and piggyback on the organization’s activities by sponsoring events or offering staff members as volunteers.

Keep your finger on the news pulse – Stay on top of news cycles and see if your company has relevance with issues being discussed on the news.

Brand your campaign with events taking place in the community – Don’t be afraid to use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter to increase excitement about the campaign.

Establish relationships with media professionals in all media outlets – TV, print and radio.
Remember to think outside the box when creating campaigns or programs for your company to participate in. The media is always looking for things that will catch the attention of their viewers, readers or listeners. Once the story runs, collect the clip and use it to generate more excitement through your social network, email or website.
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