Here are a few truths that have convinced me all sales are emotional:

  • People buy from people they believe, like and trust.
  • People buy the benefit, not the feature.
  • People don’t buy products or services, they buy solutions.
  • Most purchases are made based on a personal recommendation.
  • A typical buyer psychologically buys the salesperson before they buy the product.

I don’t understand why so many salespeople focus on selling their products or services before they understand the needs, wants and desires of the prospect. Without uncovering the PAIN, it is difficult to find the emotion necessary to make the sale. Don’t make selling any harder than it is already. Focus on the problem and the emotion will reveal itself. Trying to make a sale by telling a buyer how great your product is and touting the benefits you offer, without first discovering the pain, is as effective as trying to push a string. Go with the emotion; the emotion is to follow the need.

There are two sides to every sale, the buyer and the salesperson. Both are driven by emotion. The buyer, by the emotion of solving their problem and the salesperson by the emotion behind attempting to make the sale. What is it that motivates the salesperson to endure all the hardships of selling? It boils down to just one thing: an overpowering purpose so great, so personal, and so totally emotional, that they would be willing to suffer discouragement and tribulation to achieve their objective. Emotion is the engine driving the salesperson’s purpose. Purpose will conquer adversity.

Salespeople are driven by emotion, the same emotion that motivates the buyer. Let me use an analogy to drive this point home. The salesperson has a problem or a need and that need is like the seed of a fruit. We could use the example of a peach. The peach pit or the seed is the salesperson’s need. The cure for the need would be the meat of the fruit, or the sweet, juicy meat of the peach that surrounds the pit. The emotion of the sale is the fruit and the need is the pit. Surround the need with the emotion of the solution and you can more easily make the sale. No one wants to eat a peach pit, however, most people enjoy eating the delicious fruit of the peach.

If you want to become a top salesperson, focus on emotion. Discover your own motivation, that emotional purpose that drives your actions and propels you past adversity. Likewise, uncover the needs of the buyer and present your compelling solution that will heighten the emotion convincing the buyer to purchase your product as the answer to their problem.