Congratulations to everyone involved with the Mountain Accord initiative. The master plan was unanimously approved by the executive committee and paves the way for a balanced approach to future development, recreation, transportation and environmental protection in our beloved Wasatch Mountains.

On another note, Utah's strong economic growth – especially in Utah County – continues to draw attention from the media. ZipRecruiter recently ranked Provo number three in The Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs and a Brookings Institution report says Provo's first quarter 2015 job growth was faster than any other city in the country. Overall, the state is experiencing near record job growth and total employment.

Our economy is hitting on all cylinders, which is fantastic. Jobs are plentiful and opportunities for upward mobility abound. Naturally, our combined economic and population growth brings with it a few challenges, especially regarding transportation. Gratefully, the business community and our government leaders are engaged in this challenging issue and much is being done to meet current and future needs.