I6HL Huffaker1We live in an ever increasingly cynical and negative world.  

People don’t always know who to believe and trust with their personal or business needs.  Those who have been “burned” once have made a vow to never put their trust on the line again.  Salespeople are not exempt from this behavior. They have a reputation of telling prospects what they want to hear and what will line their own pockets with commissions, not what is best for the prospect.  How then, can you find success in what has become a world of “buyer-beware?”

The answer is simple and the application is straightforward.  Be totally and brutally honest in all you say and in all you do.  Have the courage to tell the whole truth even though it might not be what the prospect wants to hear.  There should be no compromise between what will make the sale and what is truth.  Deception and half-truths, at best, will provide a short-term sale, not the long-term opportunity profitable sales are built upon.  The repeat sale will ultimately provide the largest return on your time and effort.  However, in the absence of full disclosure and honesty, the long-term opportunity or the repeat sale will never materialize.

When you have the courage to lose a sale for honesty’s sake, then you have earned the trust necessary to make the sale.  There are no short cuts in sales involving openness and honesty.  You need to address the prospect’s needs with the correct solution, not the next best solution you can provide.  If you don’t have the right solution, tell the prospect, and then give them a recommendation to the company that can best meet their needs.  It is okay to let an opportunity go to someone else if you can’t offer the right solution.  You can’t make every sale, and every opportunity will not result in the sale of your product.  The sale you refer to someone else because you don’t have the right solution will become an even bigger sale for you in the future.  Prospects will develop trust in you because of your honesty, and will look for future opportunities to purchase your products and services.

Be courageous in your sales activities.  Be truthful and honest in all you say and do.  Represent yourself with integrity and you will be rewarded with the respect and trust of those prospects and customers that ultimately provide your income.  When you have the customer’s best interest in mind, they will take your products and services to heart.  There is only one road that leads to long-term sales success.  That road has a name:  "The Courageously Honest Highway".