Jeff Edwards01The Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation is hosting regional Outdoor Recreation Summits during September in Ogden, Cedar City and Moab.

The summits follow on the success of last year's Outdoor Recreation Summit and will provide an excellent opportunity for rural communities and businesses to network and learn about where Utah's recreation economy is going. For more information about the events or to register

Also of note, the movement to clear Utah's air, led by the annual Clear the Air Challenge, is becoming stronger every year. As reported by, the teams and individuals participating in the 2016 challenge far surpassed the goal to save 300,000 single-occupant trips and 2 million miles. Check out these totals for 2016: 808,359 trips eliminated, 11.7 million miles saved and CO2 emissions reduced by 3,600 tons.

Compare the 2016 results to those from 2015 and you can see the exciting surge in participation achieved this year. The 2015 challenge included commitments to eliminate 141,676 trips, saving 2.4 million miles and reducing CO2 emissions by 646.5 tons.

It's exciting to see the growth in participation as more people choose to be part of the solution to our air quality challenges. Congratulations to everyone that participated. Clean air is good for our health, our economy and economic development!