We just wrapped our trade mission to Israel and Jordan and are excited that our participating Utah companies are making connections and doing business in the region.

The purpose of this and our other trade missions is always to facilitate connections between Utah companies and potential customers and partners in the countries that we visit.

GlobalSim, Intermountain Healthcare and PEEL Therapeutics are three Utah companies that joined us on this trade mission and they are excellent examples of how beneficial global connections can be. Almost half of GlobalSim's business is outside of the United States. The trade mission delegation, led by Gov. Herbert, visited the Ashdod Port in Israel, where GlobalSim's premium simulator is used to train crane operators how to lift containers from a ship and move them to a truck or stack them on the ground.

Intermountain Healthcare and PEEL Therapeutics also do business with companies or people in Israel. Intermountain Healthcare attended our 2013 Trade Mission to Israel and established a number of invaluable relationships that will ultimately result in improved healthcare for patients served by Intermountain Healthcare.

PEEL Therapeutics, on the other hand, is a Utah-Israeli biotech startup, so the company is already well-connected with leaders in Israel. The company is developing a cancer-fighting drug utilizing research into the natural cancer-fighting protein found in elephants. Dr. Joshua Schiffman, from the University of Utah, combined technologies with Dr. Avi Schroeder, from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, to co-found PEEL to produce a drug that may play an important role in treating and preventing cancer. PEEL, by the way, is the Hebrew word for elephant.

Truly, expanding globally helps make Utah companies more successful and grows the state's economy. If you haven't joined us on a trade mission, this is your call to action. We hope you will consider joining us in the future. Please look at the calendar section of this newsletter to see what we have scheduled for 2018. Now is the time to go global.

Happy exporting!