Wow! What an awesome responsibility.  Sitting at my desk writing this article I almost feel like I’m writing a last will and testament.  

With that same sincerity, I write these heartfelt comments concerning a career with which I have the deepest passion and the greatest respect.  A career in sales has provided me an amazing opportunity to serve and help others, both personally and in the corporate arena. I’ve been able to help raise companies from near bankruptcy to financial success and to help salespeople transform their careers from poverty to unchallenged wealth.  

So what would I say to my children seeking a career in sales?  Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Have passion for selling.  Don’t just meddle with sales, jump in with both feet, body and soul.  Become the salesperson others want to do business with. Passion is contagious in its outward form of enthusiasm.  Passion compensates for many other weaknesses. Develop passion and you can’t help but be successful.

  • Every morning arise early and look at the person in the mirror.  Is that a person you can be proud of? Is that the kind of person you would want to do business with?  Be honest in both word and deed.

  • Care deeply about other people.  The best salespeople understand they are servants to their customers.  If you care about others you will have the internal motivation to serve them.  Remember, if there are no customers, there are no salespeople. Respect the customer because they provide the opportunity for you to enjoy the greatest career and lifestyle in the world.

  • Work hard!  Very few things of value are obtained without hard work.  When you see anyone who has risen above the masses of mediocrity, it is because they were willing to do those things the masses were unwilling to do.  Some of those things might include: hard work, discipline, setting goals, belief, honesty, desire, sacrifice, study and perseverance.

  • There is a price to be paid for everything you do in this life.  There is a price paid for failure and a price paid for success. The price for success is paid in advance and the price for failure is paid in arrears.  Pay the price for success up front and you will be rewarded all the days of your life. A successful sales career requires a price that includes: learning the principles and skills of selling, working hard, working smart, knowing your products and services, knowing your competition, knowing your market, knowing people and their personalities, knowing what you are capable of accomplishing and then doing it.

  • Never forget the most important person in the world is your customer.  Treat them with dignity and respect. The only reason you have an opportunity to sell is because they have a need.  Focus your attention on discovering the needs of your customers and then provide them with the appropriate solution.  When you solve their problems, you are securing your own future. Keep your focus on them and you will ultimately be rewarded.  If you look for the reward first, you will fail. There is a time and an order for all things. In selling, the correct order is to focus on the customer first.

  • Never become satisfied with your performance or your success.  Always look for improvement. Success is a journey, not a destination.  There are no limits to what you can achieve; always be reaching just a little bit higher.  The greater your abilities, the better you can provide for your customers.

  • Be happy.  Enjoy what you do.  Take pride in your ability to help others and be thankful for the opportunity to serve.  Find joy in your customer’s success because that is the genesis of your success. If your customer is happy then you’ll be happy and if your customer isn’t happy, no one is happy.

  • Look for opportunities to give back to a wonderful career that has blessed your life and given you so much satisfaction in so many different ways.  Mentor, encourage, compliment, teach and train. Find ways to enrich the lives of those who have chosen your career path. Make the world of selling a more trusted, honorable and respected career because of your example.