In baseball, you can hit the ball exactly right, and it flies right at a defender for an out.

But anyone who has ever played or followed the game knows that if you hit the ball correctly — with the right mechanics —enough times it will find the hole. You will get your hits. You simply need to swing the bat.

That’s why in my revenue growth projects with clients, we recognize and reward proactive actions — swings — correctly done. We do not necessarily focus on actions that instantly produce a big new sale.

For example: recently, a client recognized a customer service person company-wide for asking a did you know question that added $160 to an existing order.

Sure, that’s a small amount today, but tomorrow the exact same action can lead to $160,000, or $1.6 million.

Do the right things, the right way. We know, for example, that 20% of did you know questions close and turn into a new line item of business. We also know that my three follow-up system for quotes and proposals closes about 20% of outstanding quotes.

Do the right things.

Swing the bat with the right mechanics.

Even when you are not immediately generating the results you want, keep doing the right things.

Keep swinging the bat.

You’ll get your hits.

The sales will come.

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