I’m sure everyone wants to believe their decisions are firmly rooted in logic.  Making a decision based on emotion almost seems irresponsible, and who would ever want to appear so flighty?  But it is true!  The basis for all decisions is emotion, yet the justification to others and yourself is rooted in logic.  For some reason we don’t feel comfortable with emotion.  That personal interpretation may be the reason so many salespeople avoid the very appearance of emotion and strictly focus on all the logical reasons someone should buy their product.

I’m a hopeless romantic and my emotions play a significant role in all I do.  Maybe that is the reason I don’t suffer the stigma of over shadowing emotion with logic.  The best, and most significant sale I have ever made in my entire life took place just 47 years ago; I will always remember it because it was emotional.  Memory is deeply rooted in emotion and the sale was worth millions of dollars. I sold my sweetheart on marrying me.  There was absolutely no logic in that transaction.  I didn’t have half the qualities of her other suitors.  She didn’t choose me because of my looks, strength, or wealth; the sale was purely emotional.

The sales process is emotional.  People buy emotion, and as salespeople, you need to sell yourself first.  Build the relationship by spending the time to truly get to know the prospect, as well as, their situation and needs.  The very act of learning all you can about them and their situation builds emotion.  The acts of caring enough to understand their needs, wants and desires doesn’t go unnoticed.  I’m not suggesting you become every prospect’s best friend.  I’m talking about caring enough about them to know and understand them and their business.  The act of truly caring about another person’s situation is worth more than all the logic in the world.  Never forget this statement, “People buy from people they believe, like and trust.”  When purchases are made outside the realm of emotion, there is often regret or buyer’s remorse.

Not too long ago I was talking with one of my students who was practicing the principle of emotional selling.  He told me about the big sale he was hoping to close.  As he recounted his interaction with the prospect, he was truly selling himself first, followed by building the emotional connection to his company.  He next focused on the product itself and then sold the price.  As he continued to romance the sale, the buyer revealed to him that he was most likely going to purchase from the competition because the price was lower.  With that, my client mentioned that the competition offered a very attractive product and price, however, if he purchased from the competition, he would not be his sales rep and would not be there to support the sale and service the product.  After what seemed to be forever, the buyer turned to my client and said that after thinking it over, he would buy from him because he valued the relationship they had established.

At The Business Performance Group, we are so passionate about emotional selling that we refer to follow-up as “romancing”.  In other words, we romance the sale in order to bring it to fruition.  Romancing is more than just showing up, sending an email or making a phone call.  Romancing is sharing, caring, helping, guiding and assisting in every way possible to help the buyer make the right purchasing decision.  When you romance your prospects, you will be there for them.  When you are emotionally invested in the sale, you will provide the very best service and make sure they are receiving all the value anticipated with their purchase.  When you romance and build the emotion, you won’t just make a sale, you will make a livelihood.  You will have a relationship that will last a lifetime.  You will also have a partner in business and you will both prosper.  When it comes to selling, I’ll bet on emotion every time, and will be a better partner with my customers because of it.