I know the answer to that question, and what I’m about to share with you is absolutely true.  

Knowing the formula for finding luck, however, is not going to make selling any easier, but it will make sales absolutely predictable.  I need to ask the question, “If you knew for certain how to find luck, would you take action on what you knew?” Human nature tells me that less than ten percent of salespeople would attempt to search for luck and even fewer would actually persevere to achieve it.  Knowing and doing are two entirely different activities, which is demonstrated by the fact that we all know the difference between right and wrong and yet how many people still do wrong? I’m prepared to answer the original question, but not quite yet.

Several years ago I posted this saying on my office wall:  “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.”  The impact that statement had on me was profound.  I challenge each of you to place those words where you can see them daily and then act upon them.  Let me define each of the key words to extract their full meaning and power.

Vividly Imagine:  Vividly means to have strong, powerful feelings and to see clearly.  Imagine means to form a mental image or concept. It also relates to belief.  If you were to vividly imagine, you would have strong, powerful feelings relating to an image or concept that you believed in.

Ardently Desire:  Ardently refers to enthusiasm or passion and can also mean burning or glowing.  Desire means strong feeling of wanting or wishing for something. If you had an ardent desire, you would have a burning enthusiasm and passion to acquire some wish or thing.

Sincerely Believe:  Sincerely means genuinely, honestly, truly, wholeheartedly, earnestly and fervently.  The word believe refers to truth, trust and something in which you have confidence. Therefore, to sincerely believe implies you genuinely and wholeheartedly have trust and confidence in something.

Enthusiastically:  This word refers to having or showing intense and eager enjoyment.  It suggests being fervent, passionate, zealous and excited. So the interpretation would be to take action with intense and eager passion.

Inevitably:  Naturally, automatically, inescapably, certainly, definitely and as a matter of course, are just a few words that define this term.  The interpretation would be something that would inescapably happen or take place.

So why are some salespeople so lucky?  Because they have strong and powerful feelings relating to an image or concept they believe in.  They have a burning enthusiasm and passion to acquire their wish or belief. They genuinely and wholeheartedly believe and trust that if they take action with intense and eager passion the thing they desire will inescapably happen.  

On that road we often call life, luck is found at the intersection of hard work and opportunity.  Remember, a career in sales is nothing more than an opportunity.  It is the effort with which you approach the opportunity that will determine your luck, or should we call it by its real name “success”.