I used to dread the end of the year and the negative impact the holiday season would have on my sales numbers.  

I believed with the holidays, sales would drop off as buyers took their minds from purchasing to turkey and Santa.   In fact, for as long as I believed sales, during the holiday season, were slow and unproductive, they were. Slow holiday sales became the norm until, for some unknown reason, I started to believe sales could not only be made during this time of the season but actually accelerate.

Here are 5 things you can do to improve your year-end or holiday season sales:

  1. Make a list of those hard to contact prospects.  Contact them and tell them you have something for them.  What you take them is up to you. It could be anything from a special holiday promotion or possibly a gift of some sort.  You make the call based on the prospect, relationship and potential opportunity.
  2. Find ways to help, or to be of service, to your prospects and customers.  The holiday season is a busy time, generally associated with deadlines and pressures.  Find ways to make their life easier. The power of helping someone is absolutely amazing in its ability to influence a prospect’s attitude about purchasing.
  3. Typical prospecting barriers tend to be slightly diminished, possibly due to the holiday spirit of giving.  Use it to your advantage by making contact with those who have been the most difficult to reach. Be persistent and share the joy of the season.  Only Ebenezer Scrooge could resist a persistent, yet helpful, salesperson during the Holidays.
  4. As recorded in the Bible, the Wise Men came bearing gifts.  It still works today! No one carrying a gift is refused an audience.  Now is the season to focus on the most resistant prospects you have.
  5. Send or deliver a holiday card with a personal message written in it.  You may not make a sale this year, but you will be building the relationship necessary to close sales in the future.

The following list identifies several reasons your sales should flourish during the holiday season.  Focus on all the reasons people will buy and avoid the negative thoughts of past seasons. There is no better time to sell than during the holidays and here are some reasons why:

  1. At year-end, many companies are faced with either spending money or paying that money in taxes.
  2. Budget money not spent, needs to be, or it will be lost and possibly future budgets will be reduced.
  3. Procrastination – prospects need to take action before year-end.
  4. People tend to be in a giving mood during the holiday season and will open their doors to you.
  5. Buyers might be expecting year-end or closeout discounts.
  6. Buyers are looking for end of year price reductions.
  7. Sellers want to reduce inventories, which in turn can be beneficial to buyers.
  8. Discontinued products can be enticing to buyers.
  9. It is the “giving” season and people are in a good mood so they may “throw you a bone”.
  10. For some unexplainable reason, barriers come down and acceptance increases during the holidays (if you don’t believe me, try it).