This past year has been remarkable for my clients.  Every company and salesperson we have worked with has increased their gross profit sales considerably.  

Many have achieved their best sales year ever. A review of the sales skills and principles applied to achieve these phenomenal results may possibly be the perfect knowledge to begin the new sales year.  Here are a few of my favorite sales tips.

TIP #1:  In order to reach beyond your current situation you must believe there is something better and you must have a burning desire to achieve it.  It doesn’t matter what “IT” is, so long as it is beyond your current circumstances.  The human spirit grows by reaching beyond your current situation.  Believing there is something more in life and your willingness to take the efforts to achieve it, are essential to discovering your true potential.  A great journey begins with the first step. Once you believe, you must take action. When you take action, you are moving outside your comfort zone and possibly for the first time in your life, you will experience the exhilarating feeling of achieving something new, different, exciting and rewarding.  The vehicle that allows you to take action is a goal. Embrace a goal-centered life and discover the greatest sales achievements of your life.

TIP #2:  The most successful people, particularly salespeople, spend the majority of their lives doing those things that are important, but not urgent.  This is where your best efforts are achieved. This is where you have time to deal with emergencies and unplanned events. This is where you can actually work on the achievement of your long-term goals and feel as though you have control of your life.  Doing things before they become urgent will free you of stress, which is damaging to both your health and your sales performance. If you want to manage both time and activity in your life in order to reap the maximum reward, focus on doing the important things before they become urgent.  Here are a few ideas to help you accomplish this objective:

  1. Plan what you want to accomplish every day.
  2. Schedule time for each activity.
  3. Determine how much time you will spend on each activity.
  4. Take action, don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
  5. Prioritize events in your life.
  6. Consider the value of your time and commit to using it wisely.
  7. Set goals to keep you focused on the important things in your life.
  8. Find purpose in your life and then live to achieve your purpose.
  9. Resist the natural temptation to be lazy.
  10. Take time to ponder and enjoy your new level of achievement.

TIP #3:  Selling is not a short-term proposition.  Successful salespeople are always thinking long-term.  Short-term relationships are built on lies and deception while lasting sales relationships are anchored firmly on a foundation of honesty and trust.  Of course, there are salespeople who have enjoyed phenomenal success through deceptive practices. However, their success is not lasting, nor is it satisfying.  Many will eventually be discovered, and others will leave sales and move on to other careers. In both cases, their success and careers are hollow, void of personal satisfaction, having left a trail of unfulfilled promises and expectations.  If you want to find the true joy and success which can be experienced in your sales career, you must not only be honest with yourself, but with your customers as well. There are no degrees of honesty, either you are honest or you aren’t.