Tim Huffaker 2017

Sales just don’t happen.  They happen because the buyer and seller have come together in a unique pattern of behaviors.  Part of this pattern of behavior is to develop a great relationship.

A buyer can have a great relationship with more vendors than just you, and guaranteed, they already do.  They had a great relationship with other salespeople long before you were in the picture. Relationships only give you an opportunity to play the game of sales. The buyer needs to feel your passion, know you sincerely care about them and know you understand their singular and unique situation.  Winning the sale is a function of how well you apply the principles and skills of selling.

You need to get into their head and demonstrate you understand their needs not only from their perspective, but from a totally different perspective as well.  Your experience and wisdom will create a compelling justification to believe and trust you. This, in turn, gives them a reason to buy from you. A salesperson will never close every sale.  However, when you have the right solution to a prospect’s need, you must show the passion and desire to get their signature on the “bottom line.” If you have the right solution and don’t close the sale, you have done the prospect a disservice.  If they buy from anyone else, they have accepted a lesser solution and the consequences rest squarely on your shoulders.

Know and apply the principles and skills of romancing the sale.  It is through romancing that you will be able to apply the psychology of closing the sale.  Romancing the sale is the vehicle, which allows the sales process to move forward. It is imperative to keep the buyer engaged.

Remember, sales don’t just happen.  Selling is a process that begins with the first contact and continues until the customer is totally content with the transaction.  Sales happen because you have applied the correct principles and skills to facilitate their satisfaction. The salesperson must take control and become the Captain of the “sales” ship.

Here are ten steps that must be executed as part of the sales process in order to effectively close a sale:

  1. Know your products and industry.
  2. Build relationships and foster trust.
  3. Completely understand the prospect’s situation and perspective.
  4. Clearly know their motivation, time frame, budget and the decision maker.
  5. Present the perfect solution with passion.
  6. Discuss specifically how the solution will solve their needs.
  7. Encourage them to discuss the solution from their perspective.
  8. Demonstrate that you sincerely want their business.
  9. Ask for their signature on the agreement.
  10. Collect the check.