Tim Huffaker 2017

In the spirit of Christmas, every salesperson should ask for the gift of gratitude this holiday season.

We all need to show more gratitude for customers who purchase the products and services we sell.  We enjoy employment because there are people and businesses that have a need for our products. Don’t take your customers and prospects for granted, tell and show them how much you appreciate them for buying and using your wares.  Don’t ever assume they know how much you care. Tell them and demonstrate your appreciation through the service you provide.

Empathy is an essential quality that is needed in today’s challenging economy.  A salesperson needs to walk a mile in the shoes of the buyer. Salespeople must see the world through the eyes of the customer to be able to provide the value they are truly seeking.  Until you know what they know, you will never be able to solve their problems and meet their needs. Just because you have a product you would like to sell, doesn’t mean the prospect needs it.  Ask yourself this question; “If I am the customer, would I buy my product as the solution to my need?” Develop an attitude of thinking the way they think, seeing what they see, walking in their footsteps and treating them the way they want to be treated.

We live in a pessimistic and corrupt world.  People want to trust one another but every time they do, they get burned by dishonest and unscrupulous salespeople.  Show the world the better side of salesmanship, the honest side. Demonstrate to your customers that there are still honest and principled salespeople in the world and demonstrate that you are one of them.  Go out of your way to be forthright in all you say, do and imply. You cannot be too honest. Every buyer wants a salesperson they can trust and depend on, no matter what is at stake. Make absolute and unquestioned honesty your motto as you deal with your customers. 

Become a partner with your customers to help them achieve the success they are seeking.  Everyone can use a little help. Service is a selfless act and one that will not go unnoticed.  When you reach out to help someone, they will feel endeared to you. Two people working together will create a synergy that will promote success.  Your contribution to the success of another will not only build their spirits but enlarge yours as well. Become the supplier they know they can depend on to help them through difficult times.  Develop an attitude of selfless service in helping others achieve their dreams.

Know your products and services.  There is no substitute for knowledge.  Every buyer has suffered the frustration of a salesperson who lacks the basic knowledge of his or her products and services.  One of the best ways to show respect for your customer is to know your products. Most salespeople are too lazy to gain the knowledge necessary to meet their customer’s needs.  Product knowledge demonstrates your commitment to a career in sales. Product knowledge illustrates respect for your customer’s time and needs. Product knowledge is an outward expression of an inward commitment to serve your customers as best you can. 

Gratitude, empathy, honesty, selfless service and knowledge are five of the qualities each salesperson needs this Christmas season and always.