Organize Your Life with These 7 Tips – Boost Productivity

life organization

Many New Zealanders have a pretty busy life. They find it hard to complete all the tasks that await their input or even have time to spend with their families. If you are one of them, consider taking time to evaluate your day and plan your life accordingly.

Proper time management ensures that you only do activities that matter, prevents you from becoming a busybody and helps you avoid getting overly fatigued. You are also able to achieve more as you pursue specific goals. Here are a few tips on organizing your life.

1. Write It Down


The sage once said that the faintest writing is better than the greatest memory. They were right. Given the number of things that bombard you after a while, it is hard to remember all that you are required to accomplish. Start by writing everything you want to do and when you should have completed it.

There are several mobile tools that can help you achieve this, including the in-built calendar and Google Calendar. If activities are to be done over several days, you may consider using these calendars and making a note on the specific day when a given task is to be done.

Do not ignore the minute things and repetitive tasks in your day. Setting a time to do them each day enables them to get out of your way so that you can complete other important tasks.

2. Include Entertainment and Relaxation


You cannot work days on end without having some time to replenish your energy, relax and have fun. Such a scenario will end up depleting your physical and mental energy, making it hard for you to meet your goals. Create breaks in your schedule for relaxation and comic effect.

There are a number of ways you can relax, depending on the work that you are doing. If you have been seated for a long time, you may want to walk out and take a stroll for a few minutes. You can also have a chat with a colleague or family member to distract your mind.

Another great option is to play pokies online. There are several websites such as, where Kiwis can play online pokies for free. These games refresh your mind and act as a great distraction if you are concentrating on some other matter. There are also free games and online casinos where you can dash for a quick game before returning to work.

3. Avoid Procrastination


The longer you wait to complete a task, the more difficult it becomes to get it done. Besides, other responsibilities come up as you are delaying the said activities and you have a lot on your hands for a limited period. It is good that you do the jobs at hand as soon as you have time. You get the weight off your back and can do anything else that comes up.

Use the list you wrote at the start of these tips to tick off activities that have been done and decide what is next. Estimate the amount of time that it would take to complete a task and schedule tasks according to the available time. If you create a habit of completing tasks on time, you will be able to have your work done when it should.

4. Declutter from Time to Time


The more you own, the more clutter you will most likely have to deal with. Every activity likely has tools, information and materials that you will be referring to.

Over time, you tend to accumulate both physical and mental, as well as software-based, material that you do not really need. You need to get rid of anything that you do not want, whether it is stuff at home or at work, on your phone or computer, or around you.

A good number of people keep things that they do not need just to have a historical reference for what or where they got the items. Unfortunately, this only takes up more space and overloads your brain for no apparent advantage. Consider selling unwanted items at a thrift market or donating them to those in need.

5. Delegate Responsibilities

create blog

While it is good to do your work, you may not have the resources, energy and time to do everything. Sometimes it is good to delegate some aspects of your work.

For example, if you are planning to start a blog, you do not have to go through the entire process of setting up a blog and writing content. You can have someone create a blog and be a writer, or you can take one of the jobs.

Similarly, you can hire someone to help you mow your lawn, clean your house thoroughly, or relocate.

Delegation of responsibilities allows you to use other people’s expertise to get your job done. It also frees your hands to attend to other tasks. With the emergence of the gig economy in New Zealand, you can have someone do just about anything for a low price. You can also get support from your family members.

6. Put Some Effort


Put some effort into what you do. If you have done all the other things but do not focus on what you are doing, you will never get the results that you want. If you are not sure what you are supposed to do, seek help, use Google and learn. The quality of the work done is as important as having the work done.

Sometimes the results do not come as you had anticipated despite the hard work and organization you put into your life. Do not give up; continue refining the quality of the work you produce until you perfect it. Demand quality work from everyone that you hire.

7. Review Your Organisation Skills

Organisation Skills

It is important that you take stock of your progress in organizing your life and the results. After a month or so, check what you have been able to achieve and what needs to be done. You can review your waking up time, how long you take to complete specific tasks and the results you are getting from your efforts.

Do you spend lots of time on simple tasks? Are there distractions that are making it hard for you to complete your work on time? Do you need to learn some tasks? Do you do things that are not necessary? What do you wish to change to help you save time or work more efficiently?

Answers to these questions help you improve your time management and organize your life. Over time, you are able to have enough time to do all the tasks that you are responsible for and get time for things that you love. You have to maintain the same discipline to keep enjoying the benefits that accrue from organizing your life.