The 30 Richest Female Models in the World (Updated 2024)

Top 30 Richest Female Models in the World 2024

Today, we have social media, where we can bring anyone down with our unity, and the same way we all can bring anyone up and famous with our views, subscriptions, following, and whatnot.

In this article, you will be knowing about the top 30 richest female models in the world who are popular, most followed, and set fashion trends, not in the western world or Europe but the whole world follows them blindly, we can say. Including the Kardashian sisters, the Ecclestone family, and other top-notch models, these richest models are enjoying a luxurious life, have opened their own business ventures, have signed deals with various brands for celebrity endorsement for the sake of marketing and yes, such companies have not regretted such decisions.

Kim Kardashian’s net worth is roughly $1.4 billion, making her the world’s richest model in 2024, followed by Slavica Ecclestone, having an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion.

From head to toe, these actresses are quite sensitive and conscious about their looks, some have even undergone plastic surgeries, breast implants to look attractive and appealing. Some have got their lips enlarged and some randomly get their hair dyed with various colors. Their money and incomes are quite visible from their outstanding residences, expensive cell phones, and high-quality makeup products. They are the ones who are paid by social media against each post they made, and now you are about to know who are they and how rich they are.

RankModelsNet Worth ($)Country
1.Kim Kardashian1.4BUnited States
2.Slavica Ecclestone1.2BCroatia
3.Kylie Jenner700MUnited States
4.Kathy Ireland500MUnited States
5.Cindy Crawford400MUnited States
6.Gisele Bündchen400MBrazil
7.Petra Ecclestone400MUnited Kingdom
8.Paris Hilton300MUnited States
9.Tamara Ecclestone300MItaly
10.Irina Abramovich232MRussian
11.Jane Holzer200MUnited States
12.Jeffree Star200MUnited States
13.Juanita Vanoy200MUnited States
14.Sofía Vergara180MColombia
15.Heidi Klum160MHeidi Klum
17.Amanda Hearst100MUnited States
18.Chloe Green100MUnited States
19.Christie Brinkley100MUnited States
20.Lydia Hearst100MUnited States
21.Sabrina Guinness100MUnited Kingdom
22.Sale Johnson100MUnited States
23.Sarah Murdoch100MUnited Kingdom
24.Adriana Lima95MBrazil
25.Elle Macpherson95MAustralia
26.Tyra Banks90MUnited States
27.Alessandra Ambrosio80MBrazil
28.Naomi Campbell80MUnited Kingdom
29.Chrissy Teigen75MUnited States
30.Daisy Fuentes75MCuba

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