Taylor Swift Vs. Dua Lipa – Who’s More Popular?

Taylor Swift Vs. Dua Lipa – Who’s More Popular

Taylor Alison Swift, a well-known American pop and country singer-songwriter, has garnered a great deal of praise from fans around the world. Taylor’s beautiful lyrics and voice have captivated everyone’s hearts. She has risen to prominence in recent years. Without a doubt, she is a terrific singer. With the affection and support of millions of admirers, she has conquered the global music industry.

Dua Lipa, a rising English pop singer, has a string of smash singles under her belt. She is one of the most enthralling and well-known figures in the music industry and has amassed a sizable fan base in a short period. She is a true beauty with a unique sense of style.

Both the beautiful ladies started the music journey at a very tender age of 13-14. They are similar yet different in their unique way.

Records and Awards

Dua Lipa is best known for her song “New Rules”. It was her first number-one song on the UK Singles Chart. This song is quite special to her as she longed for this song at a point in her life when she had broken up with her ex.

On the other hand, the best-known album for Taylor Swift Fearless broken her several previous records and awarded her 8 Grammy nominations for the same. This song depicts the perfect beginning of any relationship; it makes people remember those beautiful first moments.

In terms of Grammy-winning — Taylor Swift has won 11 Grammy awards, while Dua Lipa has won 3 Grammy, including Best Pop Vocal Album for Future Nostalgia in 2024.

Furthermore, Dua Lipa has won the award for the Best British Album of The Year in the Brits, while Taylor Swift became the first female ever to win the Global Icon Award in Brits. She received the award for her excellent and incredible impact on the Music Industry in a short period.

Social Media Followers

Social Media provides the platform for celebs to interact with their fans directly and present the real side vs. the reel side.

At the time of writing, Taylor Swift has around 100 million more followers than Lipa on Instagram. Swift’s Instagram page follows a three-photo pattern. The pattern could be on the color or background or any other theme, which in turn attracts people more, on the other hand.


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On Twitter, the difference between the two is quite visible here as well. “IDGAF” singer has yet to cross 10 million followers whereas 1989-born has skyrocketed to more than 80 million followers. Swift’s page is more informative with the current album releasing to movies or sports she is watching; she tries to be add on more of her professional journey to the world whereas Lipa tweets about the brands she’s endorsing currently and things she likes doing in her life in her charming way.

On YouTube, if you see Taylor Swift is winning having over 40 million subscribers whereas Dua Lipa has around 20 million.

On the basis of both pop stars’ social media states, Taylor Swift is indeed more popular than Dua Lipa, even in experience Taylor clearly wins the pot — Lipa is right behind.