Press Start to Gamble: How Video Games Entered The Betting Arena

Video Games Entered The Betting Arena

The gaming developers in the gambling industry follow the most recent trends and use advanced solutions to create more attractive and engaging gambling options. However, there is a clear difference between video games and slots, along with other virtual games you can find in casinos, and that is the structure and complexity.

Modern slots have advanced features like improved graphics and gameplay, but the rules are quite simple, and all you need to do is press the start button.

On the other hand, the market is also advancing in other ways, especially in terms of new categories, new payment options, and personalized features. For example, you can now use your e-wallet and bet or gamble with crypto. If you are interested in this option, check out crash gambling on

Moreover, betting on video games has become very popular in recent years. It is a whole new category where you can bet on tournaments as you can bet on typical sports events. We will provide more details about betting on e-sports in the following article.

Rise of Multiplayer Games

When it comes to the most popular titles in the last decade, we can notice that most of them are focused on teamplay and the multiplayer format. Before that, focusing on single-player mode was much more common. Another element that had a massive influence was the increased internet speed we witnessed during the 2000s and 2010s.

This is one of the main factors that led to the rise of betting in this area. That is especially true with the most popular titles like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and more. Big tournaments are held worldwide, and professional players can even win millions in some of them. Sure, that doesn’t mean that some less popular titles do not have tournaments as well, but they are not just as popular. Less viewership and sponsorships lead to lower prize money.

Also, there are big sponsors and streaming services where you can watch these tournaments. Therefore, the introduction of betting in this area was expected at some point. One main reason for that is the large public interested in watching professionals in these tournaments.

The Effect of the Pandemic

The Effect of the Pandemic

As we already mentioned, e-sports tournaments have been popular for over ten years. However, the biggest rise in betting in this area was seen in 2020, when the lockdown caused a break for almost all leagues and tournaments in traditional sports. People haven’t been able to leave their homes without a good reason for months, which resulted in them having more free time. Many turned to gaming and, ultimately, to participate in eSports tournaments.

That was when even those unfamiliar with video games became interested in this area and started exploring it more so they could bet on it. The peak was in May and June of 2020, with many online tournaments and almost none of the traditional sports events available. Thankfully, modern technology makes it possible to conduct online tournaments easily.

Furthermore, the higher popularity leads to more sponsors, bigger investments, and even more events available. So, you can see that this was a great opportunity for players to show their skills at a particular game, have fun, and reap the rewards if they finished among the top-ranking places. On the other hand, numerous bookies perceived this as an opportunity to include gaming, under the name of eSports, in what they offer players.

What are the Rules?

What are the Rules

Knowing how to bet on eSports will not take too much of your valuable time. The reason is simple: the rules are the same. Therefore, all you need to do is go through the offer bookies placed in front of you and create the combination you think works the best. Bookies will determine the odds based on numerous aspects. You will find margins, the score, past winners, and who makes the team, among many aspects.

There are all types of strategies that you can use to win more often. As we already mentioned, there is no need to focus only on the event’s winner or the whole tournament. Some interesting alternatives include betting on the first kill, the first team to get ten kills, an h-2-h win, and more. Another example is when a team has a low chance of winning the event but has one great individual who can make a difference. In this case, you can place a wager on that player, and he will score a specific number of points.

Experience is Crucial

Experience is Crucial

Not knowing much about some video games will make it more difficult to make the right predictions. This is a common mistake. In that matter, you should either choose only those games you are familiar with or learn more about them before betting.

Different video games are like different sports. Therefore, the rules can be completely different. That is a crucial factor for gambling. For example, there is a huge difference between betting on Hearthstone and Dota 2.

On the other hand, you must have proper betting skills as well. Like in other categories, the goal is to choose the right approach. Also, you should determine the amount of money and adapt to available events to create a reliable strategy and improve your chance of winning in the long run.

You can focus on one or two games where you have proper skills and experience and only bet on them. Many resources available online can help you, like streams of previous games, the history of players, their head-to-head scores, and much more. By having an insight into these, it becomes much easier for you to decide on the match you want to bet on and the ones you should avoid.

Last Thoughts

We expect that the popularity of this category in betting will continue to rise. Also, the great thing is that there are many platforms where you can combine these events with regular spots, which gives you higher flexibility and the ability to create the right combinations all the time. Ultimately, remember that gaining more knowledge about video games is crucial for more accurate predictions.